Portrates300For thirty years Stephanie Payne has been a practicing RN with special interest in Home Health and Hospice. Her education is varied and diverse: St. Louis Community College, Webster University and Landmark Education. As a talented artist Stephanie has stretched her skills by writing about her passion: Helping people. Next Stephanie Payne and Michael Keune are producing a documentary about Legacy Decisions due out in 2013. Stephanie has been presenting this for Senior Groups, Community Organizations, Business Forums, Attorneys and Financial Planner. Stephanie has many varied interests including painting, gardening, exercise, Yoga, volunteering, mentoring, coaching, and public speaking. Stephanie has been a guest on many radio shows as she expands this project.



*Don’t let your family dictate how you die, and then have your legacy destroyed.

*Read True Life stories that cover real issues

*Legacy Plans Disasters

*Medical Power of Attorney

*Power of Attorney

*Family Reconciliation

*Last Wishes

*Document Safety

*And Much More